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Join our Sales Partner program and earn more than Rs. 20,000+ per month!

Flexible working hours

Commission-based payment

Assigned work location

Become a Sales Partner

    Why join Sheetal Cool Products Limited?

    At Sheetal, we highly value your time and efforts, understanding that you deserve nothing but the best. Thus, we strive to give you the best.


    • Promote and sell Sheetal Cool Products Limited's products and services
    • Generate leads and close sales
    • Build relationships with distributors & retailers
    • Provide excellent customer service


    • Passion for selling and marketing
    • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
    • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
    • Excellent customer service skills


    • Commission-based salary
    • Flexible working hours
    • Attractive perks
    • Growth opportunities


    The Sales Partner role at Sheetal Cool Products Limited is an opportunity for passionate and motivated individuals to promote and sell the company's products and services. As a Sales Partner, you will have the flexibility to work from anywhere and set your own hours.

    The salary for the Sales Partner role is commission-based. You can earn more than Rs. 20,000 per month, depending on your sales performance.

    As a Sales Partner, your main responsibilities will include promoting and selling Sheetal Cool Products Limited's offerings, generating leads, closing sales, and building relationships with distributors and retailers. Additionally, you will be expected to provide excellent customer service.

    To become a Sales Partner, you should have a passion for selling and marketing, strong communication and interpersonal skills, the ability to work independently and as part of a team, and excellent customer service skills.

    The job location for the Sales Partner role is assigned based on the particular area.

    Joining Sheetal Cool Products Limited as a Sales Partner offers several benefits, including a commission-based salary, flexible working hours, attractive perks, and growth opportunities within the company.

    As a Sales Partner, you will be responsible for generating your own leads through various sales and marketing efforts. The company may provide support and resources to help you with lead generation.

    Prior experience in sales is not mandatory, but having sales or marketing experience can be beneficial. The company values a passion for selling and marketing, so enthusiasm and dedication are highly valued qualities.

    Sheetal Cool Products Limited will provide one-day training at the head office in Amreli and support to Sales Partners to equip them with the necessary product knowledge and sales techniques to excel in their roles.

    To apply for the Sales Partner program, you can follow the application process provided by Sheetal Cool Products Limited. This may include submitting your resume, filling out an online application form, or contacting the company directly.